28 February 2008

If you are reading this, I feel your pain!

I just read over my last couple of posts and dear lord they are boring! I'm suprised I have any regular readers. So in the form of a list, here are some things...
  • I knit 2 hats. If I had photos, im sure that would be more interesting. I will work on that. Meh.
  • We moved offices at work, the helpers were useless, we were all knackered, some people still complain CONSTANTLY, but my only gripe is that I have nowhere to charge my phone now. Boo.
  • The flipside is that I am next to the kettle, so I get asked if I want a drink making everytime someone else makes one. Yay.
  • I cannot stop eating. This always happens the week before my time of month. Boo.
  • I don't go to the gym anymore. I found the owner way too annoying. I will cancel my bank payments, but I dont want to phone them because they will try and get me to stay and despite the fact that I dont usually care what I say to people, I dont really like to hurt peoples feelings... Meh!
  • The drill bit didn't come today. We won't have power until next Thursday now. Irritating. I will get the name of the company and shame them as best I can, as its been 2 weeks and they havent even despatched it yet! Boo!
  • I bought fabulous new red shoes from ebay with my £5 voucher. The shoes only cost me £12. Again with the photos. Yay.
  • I have bought lots of house stuff and I have no money left. Never a good thing. Boo,
  • Our car is back from the garage, our pockets are £120 lighter. The car has new brake calipers and brake pads, and we don't need to use the overly thirsty Prelude anymore. Yay.
  • I have no motivation at work lately. Boo.
  • Its

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Do said...

I'm having the same thing. Before my period, I desperately want to eat fat things. And a lot of them. I know I shouldn't, because I heard that around your period your body like, stores more fat. Sorry. Guess you weren't waiting for more bad news.
Actually I check on your blog allways everyday. I have a list of blogs I like and you are in it. Welcome :p :)