3 March 2008

The idiot list!

After reading Senora Fuerte's most recent post about how we make plans that are impossible to achieve, I thought I would share what my plans were as of leaving work on Friday afternoon:
  • Buy floor varnish
  • Buy fridge/freezer
  • Have electricity working in the cabin
  • Go to Swansea to collect sofas
  • Pop into my favourite LYS whilst I was there
  • Finish knitting a hat
  • fit kitchen cupboard doors
  • make bed (literally)
  • find mattress to buy
  • dig out steps
  • make steps
  • finish painting outside of cabin
  • varnish internal floors
  • clean bath and sink
  • put frosting on bathroom window
  • do all laundry
  • move building stuff from front of cabin
  • fit all trims inside cabin
  • buy food
it goes on... What I actually achieved was:
  • I bought floor varnish
  • I have electricity
  • I cleaned the bath
  • I did one load of laundry
  • I frosted the glass in the bathroom
  • I collected sofas
  • I fitted the kitchen cupboard doors.
  • I bought enough food to make one meal last night.

The rest of the time was spent either driving, or just complaining that I ached so much.Oh and I didn't even call my mother on mothers day because I completely forgot! I did send her a card and present last week though. So I am forgiven!

The guise of 'Here is a van, go get the sofa's from Swansea', actually took 8 hours, since we had to take loads of stuff to the dump for Morvens mum. She didnt tell us this beforehand, and we had planned to get the sofas, get back as soon as possible, connect the electricity, and get some stuff done. Very annoying that we wasted the whole day.

My mum arrives Saturday, we are going to hope it doesn't rain beforehand, and we will work on the steps on the Saturday, otherwise the side of the cabin becomes a quagmire and access is impossible.

For all of you who read this because you want to see the knitting. Sorry, I have no photos. There has been limited knitting, and my wrist is currently strapped up, so there probably won't be any for a week or two

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