5 March 2008

I'm tired

Strike that, I'm exhausted.

My current days look a little like this:

6:30 alarm goes off
7:00 think about getting up
7:30 get up and dressed
8:00 leave for work
9:00 arrive at work, try to look busy
12:30 go buy sandwich - current favourite is ham, beetroot, salad & salad cream, no butter on brown bread
13:00 knitting/internet
13:30 return to looking busy
16:00 realise I ought to have done more today, work harder
17:30 clock off, continue working
18:00 knitting/internet
18:30 Morven comes and picks me up
19:15 arrive home, go straight to cabin, eat something quick
19:30 stain the god damned floors
22:00 go back to house, let rats out, sit, knit
23:00 take shower
23:30 fall into bed

I bought a mattress today for the sleeping area of the cabin. I didn't spend much because a: I don't have any money left, and b: its not gonna be slept on every day of the year so it didn't need to be amazingly expensive. It should be here Friday. Oh and Morven invited the Cabin people around Friday to take pictures, so tomorrow night we are painting the last of the floors and making it look more finished. Also, we're gonna sleep in there on the new mattress. My mum should be getting here at 2ish on Saturday. I still have to dig out and make the outdoor steps because if it rains, no ones gonna be able to get to and from the cabin. I'm gonna sleep so well next week.

Yay to weeks off work!

So anyhoo, im fully aware I haven't posted any pictures in forever. It will happen - one day.


Laurie Ann said...

Poor thing. You need a vacation--at least a mental one.

Do said...

Ouch. Even reading this makes me want to sleep very badly. Good luck on the cabin..