30 March 2008

Carrot: Bane of my life

Firstly, anyone in the UK, don't forget the clocks went forward this morning. I know, because my alarm clock self updates, and Morvens doesn't. So when they don't match, thats how we know.

So what have you done this morning? I have helped Morven jump start a strangers car, driven 22 miles to a vet for an emergency appointment, cried and cried whilst Carrot's infected wound was cleaned up by the vet (she screamed so much AND bit Morven - never happened before), I cried some more when he told me she needs another operation tomorrow, and then im just kinda sitting here whilst Morven reheats last nights pizza, and Carrot being watched to make sure she doesn't pick at her open wound.

It looks gross, and we have to flush it with salt water every other hour until bedtime, then she has a collar which we are hoping will stay on for at least half of tonight, and tomorrow morning we are heading out to the vet again.

Moral support please? My baby is really sick and this is a last chance operation.

I'm hoping this ends well.

EDIT: She is sleeping in my sleeve. Throughout today she has also slept on my boob, on my hand, on my shoulder, in my top on my stomach, and on a towel on a hot water bottle. This girl likes sleep, but in weird places. Time for another wound flush. Must be the 6th so far. Poor baby. Im starting to worry now bedtime is getting closer

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Laurie Ann said...

Oh poor little Carrot. I'm sending positive thoughts to keep her cone on and that the surgery is successful. And to you too. You need a virtual hug {{}}