29 March 2008


You should see how cute Carrot looks right now. It's 12:30 and she has been sleeping for around 2 hours. Ratty sleeping though, with one eye slightly open in case she misses something. She is all snuggled in a blanket on the furry cushion next to me. I swear this is what it will be like if I ever have a baby.

She got re-glued at the vet yesterday and overnight she has been picking at one of her bottom stitches, in the worst place really. If only there was something we could do to stop her picking at them! We even covered them in Baytril (meds) because she WILL NOT eat Baytril (unless it is hidden well in yoghurt!) But she even licked that off. I dont know what else to do except watch her constantly

So I am on supervision duty today (yay because its raining) and Morven has gone out to buy shelves and food essentials (not wine, we are poor :( ) and superglue for Carrot.

I had such plans for today. There was going to be gardening, since I have 2 rose bushes and a ton of bulbs to plant as soon as possible. Instead, i'm going to make a foccacia/ciabatta so we can have homemade pizza later.

Oh, we got a new washer dryer yesterday. Despite telling Morvens mum that we did not want her to buy anything for us, she just bought it anyway. Grr! Anyway its pretty cool. Its brand new, but damaged (not much, a few scratches on the front and a dent on the side, but its guaranteed for a year), and it means we can actually wash more than one load a week. These modern economical washing machines take AGES to run a cycle though. This one has been on for just over 2 hours and the dryer is just about kicking in.

Oh and the guy who delivered it walked mud all over my red and white rug. Dammit! It cleaned up but I had to scrub, a LOT.

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Do said...

I hope Carrot feels better soon. And you as well, even if you don't get as many things done as you maybe had liked to.. :)