28 March 2008

Carrot update

So the little beastie pulled out some of her stitches on the first night, and she was on surveilance with Morvens mum yesterday. Last night she doesn't seem to have pulled any more out, but at the vet today we had her superglued up some more just to buy us more time. I also put some of her medication on to the wound because thats the one thing she will not eat. She is a little nightmare.

Pea is also in the bad books after chewing the cable for the Wii sensor bar whilst we were neglecting her in favor of Carrot the other night.

I didnt get into work until 10:30 today because of the vet trip, and I will have to do the same again Monday. We were only going to have 2 post ops but now we are having 3 (im having next Friday off). Since this whole disaster happened I haven't been able to do anything. All evening is spent trying to get her to sit still, sleep, take her medicine, or just not eat her stitches. I have knit a little bit more of a baby cardigan that im using to stashbust, but I'm only knitting at work when I'm waiting for Morven.

Hopefully next Friday I will be able to do some sewing. I want to make a cover for my MP3 player and all its bits, and I would like to make a hot water ball cover, and maybe a rat hammock.

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