16 March 2008


Morven got me a 4 gig memory stick for my birthday (as well as other stuff) so I have moved all my photographs and other stuff onto it, meaning I should always have them with me, meaning I should be able to post them on here more often! At least this post will have photographs, I can't promise anything for the future...
We got back today from a really great holiday. Despite the fact that it rained every day, it was really really fun. As you can tell from this photo of Morven... (click for bigger) Heh, actually this one better shows the happyness...
We went to Paignton, stayed in a really nice B&B, went to the cinema to see Juno on Thursday night, Paignton Zoo on Friday, Living Coasts and Torquay on Saturday, and came home today via Exeter. Photos of the zoo are on my Flickr here.
Sadly no knitting was done during this break.
And also, a rat ate the Wii cable whilst they were supposedly being looked after by Morven's mum - who appears to have dumped anything belonging to me and Mo in the cabin whilst we were away - just what we wanted to come back to!

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