20 March 2008

Knitting Mojo

It may be that I have lost my knitting mojo, or it may be that my ADD is kicking in again, or it might just be that im too tired from doing stuff around the cabin (or the fact that my yarn is IN the cabin, but I dont know WHERE).

But my point is that I haven't knit anything for what seems like forever.

So as the four day Easter weekend is just about to start, I thought I would write a little plan of what I want to achieve before I go back to work next Tuesday. So...

  • Find lime green caron SS
  • Finish binary hat
  • Make space invader
  • Find fiberfill
  • Finish space invader
  • Spin - im thinking multicoloured sock yarn maybe. Not sure yet.
  • Find knitted sock and make some progress
  • Start making something from one of my library books (kids patterns and stashbusting)
  • Maybe make myself a nice hat

I dont think its too much to expect of myself. I also have a floor to stain and some storage cupboards to build.

Oh and I have some PuzzleQuest to play :)

1 comment:

Laurie Ann said...

You are far too ambitious. I'd be happy to accomplish two of those items.