23 March 2008

Sunday check in

So I had my doubters. And they were right. I'm not going to get a chance to do most of the things on my list.

Before the end of today I may find the Caron SS in lime green, as I was going to have a sort out. Then I will work on the binary hat and maybe start a space invader.

Last night I started making slippers since my feet were freezing. I finished one this morning (approx one hour in total) and have started the second one which should be done real soon. Pics to follow, pattern can be found here or on Ravelry.

I'm kinda irked at the moment as all our belonging have been dumped on us in the log cabin. This was never the plan, but someones mother is being 'difficult' again and has pretty much evicted us from her house. Fine by me!

So currently this place is a total mess, there is only one place to sit down, and thats in front of the Wii where Puzzlequest is being played in a procrastinationary manner.

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