21 April 2008

Wonderwool Wales

Anyone going? Its next weekend.

I'm contemplating. Its not TOO far away, maybe an hour, its only £5 to get in, but it might be raining, and I think most of it is outside in tents.

Also Morven is not a knitting/wool fan. There is a food festival going on at the same time though. Very tempting.


The only problem is that apart from the £10 it will cost us to get in, I will not be able to buy anything because im currently incredibly poor and also im trying not to buy yarn until a substantial amount of my stash disappears. It may suck!


Do said...

If I weren´t living in the Netherlands I´d go with you! Sorry.. ;)
Oh and the pictures in the last post of Pea and Carrot look cute!!

Mindie said...

I can't go either sorry, I'm in the same boat as you with money at the moment and then there's the weather!
Years ago my boy's had pet rats,one boy and two girls, they were adorable, such gentle creatures. My youngest, too young to realise then, put them into the same cage for a while! Needless to say, three turned into 13!!