21 April 2008

Some things

I went to the gym for 4 months. Since quitting the gym in Feb/March I have lost 9lb without trying. Excellent!

I built a shed and put everything out of our bathroom in there (well, the tools, not the bathroom stuff) and now our bathroom looks like a bathroom. Yay!

I made a needle roll for all my needles and crochet hooks. There are more that I can't find, but this thing is huge. Il post some pics when I remember to take some :s

Carrot is not exceptionally fat. In fact, Pea weighs 14 1/2 oz and Carrot weighs 15oz. Barely and difference. Here are some pics for size comparison. Pea must hide it well because HER belly doesnt touch the floor...


I got out of the office at work last week and I LOVED it. I went snagging at a block of flats, which is basically looking around and being picky. Noting defects and damaged items and stuff that needs cleaning up and replacing. So much fun. Plus I was out of town so I went for a look around the town that Morven works in and met him from work. We got home much earlier than usual, plus is was a really warm day.

I need a new job that doesn't have me sitting in the office all day.

I have a sore back and had to take Friday off because I got very little sleep Thursday night. Its not much better today but I am sleeping ok.

I have to buy fruit today.

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Laurie Ann said...

Yikes! You have rats in your cupboard!