13 April 2008

Don't worry Pluto, I'm not a planet either


Well, I feel a bit funny really at the moment. I was just checking the BBC news website and found this story which I have been following since the start 3 months ago. I am so sad! This guy used to present a childrens tv show called smART which was all about art, and I LOVED it, he was such a cool, bubbly bloke. I'l miss him!

It't been a crappy weekend really, what with that, and the weather being poo, and I have NO money so I haven't been anywhere. Carrot is doing brilliant though so I have that to be thankful for, and Morven is lovely as always. I guess its just the weather then.

Oh, I have 2 rats by the way. I know Pea is probably mentally scarred from all the attention Carrot has been getting (Don't worry Pea, Carrot has physical scars, and i'm sure you were having more fun than she was) So here is a pic that has her in it too. I did get some of her on her own but I haven't uploaded them yet.


So yeah, knitting, I still do that....
Here is some proof

Exhibit a:


Exhibit b: hatbin

I also made a cushion (2 actually):

cushion1 Yup, I have been productive. I have another baby sweater on the needles using a god awful hideous pink acrylic, but I have used 3 of my balls of stash so far!

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Senora Fuerte said...

That hat turned out so cute!!! I'm glad that Carrot and Pea are reunited (photographically, at least). I'm sure the resentment will fade over time... :)