26 May 2008

The news makes me angry

There is just nothing good happening in the world/country these days. There is talk of a new car tax (on top of the £190 we pay in road tax) of £200 extra for any car made before 2001. What a load of crap. So the idea is that you want me to scrap my perfectly good 1995 car so I can buy a brand new one with a massive "carbon footprint" (HATE that term!) that is 90% wiring and as reliable as, oh I dont know, British Government? Yeah, thanks for that.

Our 1.8 litre Diesel may sound like a tractor, but its actually very economical, and when we start running it on vegetable oil (legally I might add) (hopefully we will have that set up this year) it will have ZERO emmissions.

And you know what else? I live in a forest, where the trees turn carbon dioxide into oxygen. I have about 50 trees in my garden, I think that makes us "carbon neutral" don't you?

I will not be buying a new car, and be sure that if it comes to it, I will buy the biggest, loudest, un-economical 4x4 that I can find, because thats what is causing the real problem.

You know Diesel is now £1.24 a litre? Thats over US$10 a gallon. It now costs us £50 to fill the tank, which we need to do almost twice a week. Yup, thats about £350 (US$700) a month just on fuel to get to work (I am in work from 9am to 7pm everyday because I car share, and its not fun when everyone else leaves at 5:30) Maybe we should quit our jobs and live off the government, I really feel like we would be better off!

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Laurie Ann said...

I will never complain about my registration or gas prices again.

ps...I memed.