27 May 2008

A few randoms

I have decided against Woolfest this year. Morven said we could go, but I can't afford it right now, and I have enough fiber to put me on for now. I will instead go to Wonderwool again next year and buy more this time.

I took the plunge and bought the fiber for a sweater. I bought a kilo (2.2lb) of superwash merino which I am going to dye and make the Jesse's Flames sweater from Stitch n Bitch for Morven. Its a challenge, but it was a good deal, and it will keep me busy for the rest of the year.

I have been spending much much less on grocery shopping lately. I haven't really strayed out of my challenge, buying only fresh fruit and veg and dairy. I got a good deal on washing liquid and fabric conditioner yesterday, and I also bought some chicken because it was only £1 and at that price I can actually afford it. There was tons of salad going cheap because it was at its sell by date so I got as much as I could use.

I did eat out on Saturday though. For the first time in forever. We went to a cafe in a little artsy place in the Forest where there was a stone carving festival over the weekend. I had a really nice mediterranean tart with courgette and peppers and cheese, with salad. I want to make flaky pastry so I can copy it but I don't have a rolling pin lol. I do have all the other ingredients though so I will make some pizza bases and attempt something similar.

In other news, I dont think I mentioned this before, but the handle on the drivers door of the car broke about a month ago. You do not understand how annoying that is, and you forget EVERY SINGLE TIME you go to get in that the door won't open, and then have to go to the back seat and lean forward, or go in the passenger side and open it then run around. VERY irritating. So Morven got the new handle delivered earlier last week and spent ages over the weekend taking it apart and respraying it, and it took us 2 1/2 hours last night after the rain finally stopped, to put the new handle in, and now the novelty of a door handle that works is an amazing thing.

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mindie said...

Good luck with the merino, the project sounds lovely. Spinning a whole sweaters worth is a big task but worth it in the end. The last one I did took months but I'm so pleased I stuck with it. I'm thinking about another one soon with the Blue faced Leicester I just bought. I'm spinning up some samples of it now, trying to decide what weight I'm going to spin it. Hope Morven knows how lucky he is!