28 May 2008

Eyecandy Tuesday

The above yarn was a load of different shades of green merino and some firestar which I hand carded, spun up and navajo plied. Its quite thick but I didn't really soak it much so its a bit curly. Should make something nice though.

This one was some merino/silk which I spun really thin and navajo plied. Its sock weight but there isn't much of it as it was only a tester.

This one was todays dinner. I used ready made pasty sheets, cut into 4, spread with red pesto, sliced onion, mushroom, tomato, courgette (zuchini) and cheese, baked for 10 minutes until it looked like this...

And served it with purple rice, which I made yesterday as you can see from the bottom photo, of the purple rice (Boiled with red cabbage and stock) with a fish bake (brocolli and cheese sauce on top) And the best thing is that I have 2 more pastry things for tomorrow's dinner, and half a courgetted left to make a Mediterranean fish bake on Friday. The pastry things only cost around 50p ($1) to make.

Oh and I found a stitch n bitch in the next village. I might check it out in a few weeks.


Laurie Ann said...

I love purple food!! I was so thrilled one day to find purple potatoes at the store.

Also, the pastry pizzas look delicious. Can I come over for dinner?

BabyLongLegs said...

Yarn and food......

Sarah xXx