6 May 2008


In no particular order, here are some things:

On Sunday morning, around 7am, we woke up to a huge thunderstorm. I love thunderstorms when I know I am inside and safe, and this one was very cool. The clouds were black, the flashes were 2 and 3 seconds away. And the rain was amazing, coming down in sheets.

The best thing is that it was warm and the rain had stopped within the hour.

The worst thing is that it did something to the power in the house, and it blew our wireless connector. So the cabin is without internets until next Saturday (at least) if Morven can arrange to get a new one. The stupid thing is that on the instructions for this thing (a wireless booster that runs through the electric wires) said do not use with a power surge protector. So it was a strange weekend sans internet. We don't have TV so we had no idea what was going on in the world until this morning.

Its been a bank holiday so we got yesterday off work, however in the Netherlands it hasn't been a bank holiday so hopefully my spinning wheel will be on its way!!!! I'm booking next monday off as flexi leave so I get a chance to play with it. I am trying to get Morven to work from home too so he doesn't have to sit alone in the first day of MAJOR road works that are going to make our life hell for the next 6 months (I will bet money that it runs over by at least 3 months)

Oh, I went to Borders on Saturday and got the latest Spin Off and Knit 1 magazines. I LOVE Knit 1. There are loads of things I want. I wish I had a local Borders. I crocheted the giant panda. It is almost done, it just needs some more limbs and I will post a pic. Its so cute, that even I, who never makes anything thats not usable, made one.

It's 22C here today (71F). Its absolutely melting. All the windows are open, the sky is clear and its horrible! Yesterday it was about the same, but as I live in the forest, the humidity was icky :(

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