8 May 2008

Some more things

I am really lacking motivation lately. Work is 'same shit, different day' and I am being particularly crap about getting projects finished. Usually when my reminded pops up, I get a job done, but no, I have 12 reminders reminding me that there is loads of stuff to do.
I might look for something new.

I was hoping my spinning wheel would be here yesterday, but sadly not. Hopefully it will be here today. The worst case scenario would be for it to arrive Saturday morning when no one is awake and then it would be taken to the depo for collection on Monday. Thats way too long for me to not have this spinning wheel, plus I would have to get up early to pick it up Monday (im taking a day off - a spinning day if you will....)and blah blah blah, stupid postal system.

I was going to join a fiber swap on Craftster, but decided to wait it out for a few months until I am a better spinner. I'm very excited about this wheel.

Last night the dryer and/or PC blew the power circuit they were both on. It was quite funny since we presumed the rats had eaten a wire somewhere. We both jumped up to find them both cowering in the middle of the kitchen rug looking innocent and a little freaked out to us both moving way too quickly for their liking.

Also last night I had an almost cold shower. Usually I complain if it gets too cold, but last night I complained that it got too hot. It was 22C (71F) yesterday. ALL DAY. Way too hot. And today is even worse 24C (75F) although it wont get 'hot' hot for another hour or so.

This weather pisses me off. Not quite 2 weeks ago I was scraping ice from the car each morning!

We still have no internet at home. The company we got the 'thing' from said they will call the manufacturer today to see if they will replace it. I can't see why not, when it blatently says 'Do not use a surge protector with this product' Its hardly my fault it got damaged by a power surge... I want a free replacement dammit. BY SATURDAY! Or Morven won't be able to work from hom on 'Spinning Day' with me

I have been knitting a few things. I started a sparkly little bag in ribbon yarn that I cant remember the name of, but I got a good deal from the LYS last weekend. Pics to follow. I also got some other bargains but without the god damned internet at home I don't have suitable patterns. I have my sock, I have 2 different onces in the WIP pile actually, but I got some Rowan Kidsilk Haze and so I started a Wisp It weighs nothing, and is very fluffy and soft. I'm not too keen on the colour though...

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mindie said...

I do hope your wheel comes soon, it's so frustrating when you're waiting for something to arrive, especially something to play on!
Our router went down last year for the same reason. When I explained that we needed a replacement URGENTLY the man on the phone thought I was mad. I tried to explain that life here without internet access was unimaginable but he thought I was even stranger.