10 May 2008

Things I need to show pictures of:

My gooseberry bush has started making gooseberries!!
My Louet arrived Thursday
My first Louet yarn - 110yd purple merino worsted
Gordon the Panda I crocheted
My sparkly evening bag that I will never ever use
Other stuff.

I also need to upload loads of pictures onto FLickr so I can add them to Ravelry.

But my Louet arrived and I love him, and he is keeping me busy. Also, we got internet back today, not from the same company WHO SUCK. We got a cheaper version of the plug thing from Maplin.

Yesterday I watched Strictly Ballroom, Half of the Birdcage since the DVD was scratched, and Brassed off. Oh and Ratatouille care of Love Film which was actually really good. The rats were so cute! I also watched the last of the knitterati podcasts and the make: and craft: podcasts that Miro had been saving for me. We just about survived without internet for a whole week! Terror!


Frank said...

rofl... you're so like me: writing a list of things to take pictures of! ;)

BabyLongLegs said...

Yay........Louet spun yarn!!!
I am imagining some mighty fine merino gorgeousness :)

Pics...we need pics!!


Sarah xXx