12 May 2008


I've had a nice weekend. Its been meltingly hot, and I spent Sunday out on the patio spinning. I have a nice pink glow despite re-applying factor 30 several times, but since it is never usually that hot here, it will probably never happen again - I won't panic!

I took a very long weekend and had Friday and Monday off too, so now I feel a bit 'meh' because I have work tomorrow. Plus, Flickr has been peeing me off because their uploader won't work on Linux and the Linux uploader is for the 32 bit Linux and we have the 64 bit Linux and its all very confusing, I have a headache, its my monthlies, I need a shower and I am tired. Ugh!

So here are some pictures.

Ok... here WILL be some pictures when Flickr stops having a strop. Probably tomorrow.

1 comment:

Laurie Ann said...

a strop? Oh you silly English folk.