13 May 2008


I was very anti-technology last night, mainly due to technology being anti-me. But, Flickr has finally got its act together and so here are some pics of lovelyness.... Pea - looking sinister. But why? Hmm, I wonder what she has been upto... Aha! This explains a lot! Lucky its the least favourite of Morven's suit jackets. This is now going to be made into sympathy dolls, care of a craft: magazine podcast that I watched over the weekend. (They couldn't just make one hole...._ This is my Wisp. Its a bit bright for my liking, but its quite delicate so I will decide when its done whether or not I will dye it or not. Its made from lovely Kidsilk Haze. I haven't picked this up since Thursday (my Louet came and that was more fun!) but I have it at work with me today and I will have to tackle the dropped stitch that I did last week :( This is Louet's first yarn (except a few practice bits). Its about 75g of damson Merino which I got from Wonderwool. It is such a nice colour, and the colour is perfect on my monitor, and hopefully good on yours. I would have liked to have plied it a bit more, but I went for the loose ply so I would hopefully get more yardage. There is 105 wraps around my yard long niddy noddy - which is actually not a yard! So there is about 126 meters (137 yd) and its an Aran/Heavy Worsted. I should find my inch measurer thing... Then I made this lovely multi-coloured yarn from the roving I showed here. I love this stuff, I need to buy more. I am currently contemplating getting more of this, but instead I just got a ton of white wool to dye myself. I was a bit iffy about mixing it with the brown but I love the result. Gah! Lovelyness! There is tons of this - about 150 meters (164 yd)


Do said...

I LOVE the combination of the brown with the multicolored yarn. Gorgeous! :) Congratulations on your louet.

Laurie Ann said...

I agree. Lovely yarn. Someday I'll actually finish spinning the wad of roving my friend bought me almost two years ago.

mindie said...

Lovely spinning. You and the Louet have had a great time! You must have a good eye for these things as I think the colours go well together, I just never seem to be able to do that.

BabyLongLegs said...

Pretty Yarn!!!
Looks like you and your Louie are having lots of fun, A-M!!!

On the subject of making money....stitch markers are a good thing to sell, and quick to make :)

Sarah xXx