13 June 2008

Another week gone. I feel like I am wishing time away, because I just cannot wait for the weekends lately, but why? The only benefit to weekends is not being in work. This IS a huge benefit, but its not really enough. I need to do more on my weekends but I am usually too tired to contemplate anything other than laundry, cooking, and one of either spinning, knitting, gardening, making stuff.

Plans for this weekend (its gonna be a wet one) include digging out some weeds, planting my squash outside, repotting tomatoes, and then maybe looking at my jewellery stuff to see what I need. Morven is going to be out for a lot of Sunday so I will catch up on cooking.

Today is payday and im not too pleased. Its not that I didnt get paid much, I got my usual decent salary, but by the end of next week I will be in the red already, so I think I will avoid spending any money on anything this month. Since fuel is even more expensive, I will need to buy some diesel for Morven at some point, maybe £120 worth, so I cant afford to buy anything else.

Hopefully my fluffy blue singles will be dry tonight and I might put them on etsy. I got 198 meters! Woot!

My next project is going to be these mittens made from some handspun. I have some lovely brown alpaca, which I have mixed with some tussah silk to add strength, and some green none specific wool, both of which I got from Wonderwool Wales. Hopefully it will make a good contrast or I might have to rethink it.

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