16 June 2008


I actually had a really good weekend. I finished TWO projects *dies from shock* I finished Wisp, which was a really quick knit and I will most likely make another from a heavier weight mohair that I have, and I finished my crazyauntscarf too (from The Book), which was an ongoing travelling project since around Christmas time. It feels good to finish something, and the best part is that I have needles free.

I have decided to make the Samus cardigan from my Lion Wool, and I will then dye it (not orange). I have swatched and after finishing Wisp to get my 5mm needles free, I actually need my 4.5mm needles, so I finished it for nothing, but I feel good for it, so meh. I just need to block both of these things, but I currently have nowhere to block them, so they are just piled up and taking up space on my stairs.

I have also made a bit of progress in the garden - we made 3 steps, I pulled out some weeds, and dug over the vegetable beds. I got carrot seeds so I will plant those up during the week, and re-pot my squash.

I notice that everyone whose blog I have read has mentioned Fathers Day, and I feel left out as I haven't spoken to my father since around 2002 so I would like to wish Frank a Happy Fathers Day because he is having a crappy time with Chemo at the min, which is not the ideal way to spend a first Fathers Day. Go over to his blog and check out his progress and try and make him smile. He is a really nice guy who always (when not ill) responds to each and every comment.


Do said...

Your garden sounds to be very nice!!
I'm feeling a bit sad for you because all of the money worries. I hope you are doing all right.

Laurie Ann said...

Hooray for finishing projects. I finished a baby sweater, finally, but not before I cast on two scarves and a blanket. Clearly I need help.

Senora Fuerte said...

I'm here! I'm here! I've been really unfocused lately, but I'm back. Congrats on the finished projects! Sounds satisfying. I've only been starting projects lately.