20 June 2008


I don't know how visible it is but i went wrong about 6 inches ago and i am not unpicking because I have my chart all marked off and also I don't want to. Instead I will stitch over the top when I find my other ball of yarn.

I am really enjoying this Samus, but the cabling is a little slow. I like the Lion Brand Fishermens Wool, its really woolly (itchy and a bit rough) but its ok because this is going to be a heavy cardigan for when its cold and so I will wear it over another long sleeve top.

I quite like the colour too, I am not sure if I want to dye it yet, it depends what I look like in this colour when I have enough sweater to try on.

Our plans for this weekend are to get the mudflaps fitted to the car (I um, broke the last ones) and whilst I am at the garage I plan on asking the mechanic for some old tyres (for free) so we can build a tyre wall in our garden. We are really going for a recycled garden look, and have so far used old pavement edging stones, leftover foundation wall blocks, and lots of gravel left over from the building works. The plan is to build the tyre wall to hold back some of the soil so we can make some planting areas. Other plans (for me) involve knitting, possibly a diy hair trim, and some baking. Oh and for dinner tonight, I am going to make pastry pizza's again


Laurie Ann said...

The yarn arrived. I will go to the Post Office after work and send it.

psst...only another knitter would see the mistake and only after you pointed it out. that's the beauty of intricate patterns.

mindie said...

I don't think anyone else will notice it either. I've often refused to go back too. If I think it won't notice and it means taking a whole load back, I can live with it!
It looks lovely so far. I like the natural but as you say, you have to see what it look like on. Can't wait.