30 June 2008


On Saturday me and Morv went to Bristol to 'Adventures in Technology' where some people had really old pc's, amstrads, apples, bbc's and commodores which was cool, but there wasn't much else there except approximately 30 computer enthusiasts (mostly male) who had not yet been introduced to deodorant. We left early and had a wonder around Bristol, where parking is extortionate, but it seems really nice and I think we will go back again when they have finished digging up the city centre.

We drove passed Get Knitted on the way to somewhere south of Bristol to pick up a lawn mower from eBay, and then headed back home but stopped off at a garden centre on the way and got loads of plants for 50% off, so they were around 75p-£2 each. Nice result.

Sunday I felt iffy, my throat was hurting and I felt tired. We didn't do too much - we went food shopping, and then later in the afternoon we chopped a couple of branches off the trees around the cabin, and in the evening we finally got rid of 4 storage boxes and vacuumed the floor under the sofas. Fun, I know.

But this morning we both felt crap. I still do. All my muscles are aching, my throat, nose, sinus', eyes, ears and neck all ache and I have had 2 lemsips and some Anadin Ultra and don't feel any better for it. It must be bad since I have only managed to knit 3 rows all day!

In other news, I uploaded a load of pictured to my Flickr with the intention of blogging about them at some point, but there are way too many pics so just go look if you are interested.

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