2 July 2008


I am back in work today and feeling much better. I took yesterday off too as I was still groggy but I felt much better in the afternoon and got some knitting done. I finished the main part of Samus. Here it is blocking. I opted for the pinning out, then spraying with water method of blocking. I dont know how effective it will be but I didnt have any other option. I am looking for some of those interlocking rubber mats you can buy from hardware stores but I got distracted by the pet shop and came home with Squee last time I went to one.

Hey, talking about Squee, Morven put the girls in their cage last week and let Squee out, and about 15 minutes later there was a bang and it was Pea jumping out of her cage because Morven had only closed one of the 2 doors. Genius! So I think we are safe since we think we got her as soon as she fell, and Squee was at the stage where he wouldnt come out from under the sofa. Fingers crossed that they didn't meet or Morven will be in for a beating! We don't want a ton of baby rats!

The Samus did get boring during the middle but it got more interesting towards the end. I still have 2 sleeves to do but I am waiting for my yarn to arrive as I would like to do 2 at the same time. I checked the post box 3 times yesterday but it hasn't been that long yet and it does have some way to go. In the meantime I have picked up the lining stitches of Morvens hat and have started knitting the lining so he can finally wear it (it was 23 degrees (73F) yesterday so he doesn't really need it). I might start the braid for the sleeves tonight, I haven't decided yet and it depends on what time we get home. The roadworks have been a nightmare all week but Morven was home for 6:45 yesterday, which is usually the time that he picks me up from work so im hoping I will get home at a decent hour.

Oh on Saturday (or Sunday - depends on the weather) we are going to Heddington & Stockley Steam Rally and Country Fair which has ferret racing, medievel jousting and a craft tent amongst other things so I am looking forward to that.

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