11 June 2008

Word is....

...that cars are already queueing outside petrol stations, and the price is likely to double by the weekend (The strike starts Friday at 6am and runs until Tuesday at 6am)

My guess is that we will be late home tonight as we have no fuel left at all and so Morven is going to have to join the queue, otherwise we will be paying $20 a gallon!

EDITED to add: I never said that some idiot almost killed us yesterday, pulling out right in front of our car when we were doing 50. We followed her to the petrol station where she stopped and I shouted and swore at her, she didnt care, but it made me feel better. I am pretty sure she was high! Anyhoo, we got gas easily enough but im shit scared for the week to come.

Insert sad face here

Also, I finished spinning a nice chunky singles, which I will take off the wheel tomorrow because I have a project in mind. pics to follow

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Senora Fuerte said...

Oh man, over here people will wait in long lines just to save a nickel per gallon. It's insane, and depressing! Good luck over there.