10 June 2008

Moneygrabbers make me thrifty.

In the midst of the 3rd day of sweltering heat*, a looming fuel strike,** and the beginnings of another recession which is very likely to affect my job***, I am trying to think of ways to get out of this country and the mess it is in.
Its not going to happen because a passport costs £72!!!! That is US$140! How is that possible? I hate that this country is in such a state and would love to move to mid New Zealand where there are much fewer people. Or maybe Germany. Or hell, its probably cooler there.

Anyhoo, I am trying to be as self sufficient as possible, and so at the weekend we bought rhubarb plants, and tomatoes and strawberries, and I made my own 'coffee' from dandelion roots. Here is a recipe, but I didn't read that until right now (doh!) So what we did was:
  1. dig up dandelion roots
  2. leave in sun to dry for a week or so
  3. wash off dirt
  4. roast in oven for about an hour (medium heat)
  5. leave to cool
  6. smash with mortar and pestle (or if you have any sense at all, use a coffee grinder)

We made it in the coffee machine, and it was nice, like a rich chocolatey coffee, although it was a little bitter so next time we will use less powder to water. We got about a cup full from maybe 15 roots, so we will do this again. The only downside is the lack of caffeine so its not for mornings.

Whilst I was on my hippy run, I also picked a crapload of elderflowers from one of the 9 elderflower trees in our garden and made elderflower cordial thus:
  1. add 2cups sugar and 2 cups water to a pan (that has a lid)
  2. take half a lemon and sort of dice it, throw that in the pan
  3. bring to boil for a few mins whilst washing about 20 heads of elderflowers
  4. take pan off heat, add elderflowers, put lid on and leave to steep. When cool, refridgerate
  5. The next day (or 8 hours later) strain flowers and lemon, pour syrup into bottle and keep in fridge.
  6. To drink, just add water to taste

This took about 20 mins to make (including picking) and tastes excellent, and has no additives, and I feel very self sufficient for making my own pop :)

I also roasted a chicken on sunday and made stock from the npnes, so very productive generally in the kitchen.

I havent unpacked my jewellery stuff yet, so not much to say about that just yet. Its now really too hot to stay here so I am going home. *its over 80F in this office and about 70-75F outside - please remember we are not used to this and therefore do not have air conditioning, or even summer clothing! ** the last one was SO.MUCH.FUN! I used to only do 30 miles a day, we now do 70-80 a day and so if this strike happens we will probably have to take some time off work next week (unpaid for me!) *** we are just about to go into contract with Barratt Homes for a small scheme here, but we are already in contract with Bovis, who are laying off staff by the dozen, Taylor Wimpey, who are closing half their offices, and some others who are not doing too well either.

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Laurie Ann said...

It costs very nearly that for a US Passport--$100 plus the photos. When I got my first passport (a million years ago) I don't think I paid more than $40.
You are a hippy, what with your dandelion coffee and all, but if I had a yard I'd be growing some veggies of my own.