6 June 2008


I finally set up an etsy shop. Thanks to egg finance, who were being rather awkward, it took 2 weeks longer than I liked, as I had to wait for a new card, then wait for them to reset my security, and then get them to reset my security manually because my card wasn't registered or something or other. Who cares, probably no one.

Anyway, here it is

Obviously there isn't anything on there yet, and I just made that banner using Microsoft Paint! So please congratulate the awesomeness, because I used Paint! On a site note, I used to use a 1982 DOS computer that had a better paint program that MS Paint!

So that was the one thing. The other thing is that my mum and sister are coming to visit this weekend. I am glad my mum is coming, my sister is only coming for her own gain - a couple of extra hours sleep Sunday morning before going off to some auction thats nearer my house than hers. But apart from getting my Dyson back, and FINALLY being able to clean the floors properly (and thus being able to stain them again), I will also be getting my jewellery stuff - YAY! I have been toying with the idea of jewellery for a month or so now and I feel I should make something before I forget how. So I am going to buy a new bench peg anvil and I will start making some stuff soon! YAY

I should add a disclaimer here, since I haven't made jewellery since I have lived with Morven as we have never had anywhere to keep my stuff, (yarn is squishy!) and so I have just asked my mum to bring what she can find. Which hopefully will be enough stuff, because I have a lot of stuff.....


Amy said...

Congratulations on setting up your shop - looking forward to seeing your jewellery!

BabyLongLegs said...

Hope your etsy shop is very sucessful for ya darlin' :)

Sarah xXx

P.S I have just started selling roving too , mwahahaha