11 August 2008

Some things...

I am starting to despise my job. Its getting worse by the day! I love the people in my office, we are a nice little team who make the workdays fairly fun, but I feel like no one listens to us, and we have to deal with a lot of shit that could be avoided. If it werent for the 28 days leave and 13 days flexi, I would have quit already.
But im holding on! Things can only get better! Right?

My phone blogger thing isn't working! I had a cute picture of Carrot, in a new fleece cube that I made over the weekend, but blogger doesn't want to send it. It might be because I changed my phone contract to a cheaper one. I have to phone them again in a month to change it to an even cheaper one so I will ask them then. The reason i'm changing my contract around is that I have been paying £40 a month for EVER and I have 37 HOURS of calls and about 3000 texts left to use. I cannot use my phone at home since there is no coverage, so I just gave up on it and use it as an overpriced camera. So I cut my contract to £30 a month, and I can lose £5 a month each month until its around £15-20, which is great because money is something I dont have much of.

I got the sewing machine out at the weekend and made some rat tubes and cubes, they are all colour co-ordinated, ready for the new rat cage which needs building. Squee needs to meet the girls next weekend so we need to get on with the cage. Morven bought a router bit ready to make a start.

I also got my jewellery stuff out yesterday and played around for a bit. I am going to buy more gas for the blowtorch tonight because it has a nack of running out when im in the middle of something delicate! I have plans to use all the silver I have, and I have a lot of gemstones which I just collect randomly from ebay. I am hoping to save some money this month, despite it being Morven's birthday, since we are going to Birmingham on our week off, and I want to get some stuff from Cooksons (precious metals) whilst I am there to save on postage. So watch this space, although shiny silver is difficult to photograph so don't expect too much.

Oh the brakes broke on the car. I didn't get to work until 11 on Friday. In the end we borrowed Morvens mums Prelude, until my insurance comes through on the Escort and then I will be able to buy tax (you need proof of insurance and MOT to buy tax. Grr). I have enjoyed driving an automatic, but I do feel lazy for it. Plus its costing around £20 a DAY in petrol!

In knitting news, I finished the damn Samus! Laurie Ann, I suck at posting packages! I am currently sourcing some form of box! I finished the Samus with just 3 balls of fishermens wool, so I am thinking of something nice to make from the rest. I might dye it or make a felted bag or something. I bought the zipper today so photos will be forthcoming!

Thats about it for an update. We were going to go to Yoga tomorrow night but I always plan to do stuff and it never happens!

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Laurie Ann said...

That sounds like my life...minus the rats and all. Oh, and the phone plan reduction because mine increased with the new phone. Oh, and the jewelry making. And...gosh, it's nothing like my life, except for the first sentence.

No worries on the package. I'm very patient.