5 October 2008

Postal rant!

This is the second time the postperson has been too lazy to walk to my house with a package and opted for the easier option of taking it back to the sorting office and leaving me a note in the postbox on the drive.

The note that says 'no one was home so you need to collect your package'

There were 4 people and a dog in the house ALL DAY, if one of us hadn't heard the knock, we would have heard the dog going insane as she always does when someone dares to walk on her property.


I am going to write to the post office this time, lazy bastards!

1 comment:

Senora Fuerte said...

How far is the walk to the house? Not that that makes any difference, I'm just curious. This is the kind of thing that would insense me! Kick their postal butts!!!