12 November 2008

I can explain, really I can

As of yesterday I am single. This was my decision, and it was a really tough decision to make. I have left my partner of 3 years, our log cabin, our rats and basically my life.

I can't explain why I have done that, but I hope that explains why I haven't posted in forever.

I have somewhere to live and I get the keys tonight. In the meantime I have been staying with a workmate. The final move will come on Saturday when I drive out to the cabin to pack and move everything I own. Its going to be a logistical nightmare, made worse by the fact that I dont have my driving licence with me so I am unable to hire a van.

My immediate plans are to sort out where I am moving to, and then I can relax a little and start my new life. I plan on getting a lot of things done that I have been putting off for the last few months. Laurie Ann, your package will be in the post by the end of this month, and Natalie, I am going to knit something for the baby, and I am also going to make a good start at knitting a few presents for Christmas, which I am tempted to just boycott as I will be so incredibly poor when I have paid the deposit on the new apartment.

My new apartment is shared with 4 other people (1 male, 3 females) and my room is immense. The closet, double bed, and sofa barely take up any of the space, and the best part is that it has a balcony so I can still grow plants. I am really excited about it and I hope this is a move in the right direction for me.

I am sorry for abandoning you all for so long!

PS - Sunday I went to Wingham Wool Works - its brilliant, I am going back and next time I will take orders if anyone wants any. Its only 20 minutes from my mums house!!!


Laurie Ann said...

Oh, sweetie. I'm sure you made a good decision. You always know what's best for yourself. Will you be bringing the rats with you?

I'm thinking of you.

Amy said...

That must have been a difficult decision and I'm sure you didn't take it lightly.

Good luck and looking forward to hearing how things work out for you.

Senora Fuerte said...

Wow, it's no wonder you've been missing in action! I hope you are well and that your new life shapes up to be everything you need it to be.

Thanks for still thinking of me and the baby amidst all of your changes. You have months yet, so don't worry. :) Take care of your other business first, and if baby knits don't happen until after Zuul is born, that is just fine-- at least then you'll know if it's a boy or a girl. :)

We've missed you, and I'm glad you're back.