17 November 2008

All moved.

Oh how I ache! I am completely covered in bruises from the move, but its all done. Everything is in my new place, in a complete disasterous mess, but I am looking forward to going through it and passing all of my unwanted clothes and shoes my workmate who goes out to Romania at Christmas with a charity she supports. I also want to box up a bunch of stuff to take back to my mums house.

Embarressingly I had THREE black sacks of yarn!!!

I then need to get started with Christmas knitting. I was looking to make a cashmere scarf but have you seen the price of cashmere? Also on my knitting list (not just for Christmas) are socks, a guitar/ukulele strap, and a ukulele cover/bag.

Also, for MY Christmas list, I would like a new MP3 player, a laptop (hopeful!), money to buy a passport, a wool winder, a crockpot, and a shelf unit for my room.

And another also... I need a part time job for a couple of evenings a week. Hopefully with it being almost Christmas, I will be able to find something seasonal.

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Laurie Ann said...

I'm afraid to put all my yarn in one place. It's easier to deny I have a problem when it's spread out.