9 February 2009

More fun and interesting news.

Well not really, but nothing particularly interesting really happens to me from day to day so this is a short list of things that has happened recently.

The weekend. I went antique shopping in Tetbury and Gloucester. I never thought id be much of an antique fan but I love the shops with little cabinets full of old jewellery and sewing memorabilia and knitting needles, and just little whimsies. I haven't bought anything yet but I have seen lots that I like.

The rats. Pea had an operation today on an abcess. Fingers crossed she seems ok.

The boyfriend. I have one. He is lovely and loves handknit socks and hats. He is currently living at my place until his apartment is ready on Wednesday.

Here is a pic of us back in December. I had flu...

We seem to work well because he plays guitar whilst I knit :)
I am currently making a Wisp for his mum's bday next month.
I might delete that pic a bit later since I dont think he would want his face on my blog :)

1 comment:

Laurie Ann said...

doesn't want his face on your blog? Is he a secret agent who needs to keep his identity secret? Intriguing. Guitar-playing boys are my favorite.