21 February 2009

Actual knitting content

I dont remember if I blogged these but I started them last month.
On the right is a Spring Forward sock in KraftyKoala merino tencel blend, made for me. I have worn them a couple of times and they don't wear as well as other sock yarns, but they are super soft and shiny. The pattern was incredibly quick.
On the left is a Guitar Man sock in KraftyKoala BFL, made for Dan. Now I have only made 1.3 of these because the pattern just doesn't flow as easily as some other sock patterns. I am still working on it though and I am sure it will be done soon. He loves his other handknit socks and we had a whole text conversation earlier about how he is meant to wash them lol.

And now a little entrelac. This doesn't really have a pattern but I am using the advice from here. Its James C Brett Marble Chunky, which is a supersoft acrylic, and I am hoping it will wear well. At least it is easy to look after. I am only about a 3rd up, as its an 18in cushion cover. The back is going to be plain stockinette. I want to finish this and have it sewn up with zip by next Friday, but my wrists hurt! It is heavy and I don't like straight needles. I need to finish some projects or buy more Denise cables :s

Another Wisp, this time for Dan's mum, maybe. We will see how we feel when her birthday comes around. I have omitted all buttonholes from this one and only cast on 44. It is really really quick and easy to make when you aren't thinking about where to put yarn overs. I found a website with some Kidsilk Haze on sale so I may even make one of these for myself.

I knit and crocheted a POB. Children of late 70's/early 80's Britain, you may remember him. I made him as a joke for Dan, although no one seems to know what happens below his waist, so he is currently just a big long jumper. I need to get him finished so I can have my needles back.
If you look carefully at my piles of stuff (I have lived here 3 months and still don't own shelves) I have also crocheted a square! Not really worth blogging about though.

POB is sitting on some handspun that is designated for Laurie Ann.... I really do suck at this package stuff. My mums birthday is next month so I HAVE to go to the post office, I really really do!
Thats all for now :)

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