16 March 2009

Best weekend ever! With knitting!

Last thursday was my birthday (27 in case you are wondering). I spent the morning in bed and the afternoon on a train to Birmingham to meet the boyfriend and have a lovely weekend.

So we got back to his, by which point I had forgot it was my birthday, and after a quick reminder I opened my presents from him - wine, chocolate, flowers, jewellery and shoes. Perfection! We then went to see Jason Manford in Wolverhampton who was really really funny.

Birthday Flowers

Friday saw Dudley Zoo, where we mostly felt sorry for all the animals in their slightly undersized 'habitat's'. It passed a few hours, there were lots of photo opportunities, and it was completed with a nice meal (fajita's) and some cocktails (Long Island Iced Tea's) at Chiquito's, and a night in the pub where everyone was dressed in pajamas for Red Nose Day.

I think this was a Macaque
Great massive owl
Saturday saw a lazy morning at home, and an afternoon at Dan's office booking tickets to see the Reduced Shakespeare Company in Bromsgrove for that night. As always, they were excellent. The show we saw was The Bible: The Complete Works of God (abridged) which Dan saw about 10 years ago. I have seen 2 of their shows about 10 - 15 years ago but I can't remember which ones they were. If you ever go see them, make sure you sit away from the aisles, and if possible, get tickets for the upper floors. They are very pro audience participation!

Sunday saw some more laziness and some shopping and some more wine.

Anyway, onto some knitting.

I made a couple of socks, but only photographed the one.
Mother sock
Wisp 2

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Laurie Ann said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!