21 March 2009


Sorry, I am too lazy to take the pictures off the camera and upload them to flickr. Maybe tomorrow.

This weekend I am at my place by myself because Dan is in Birmingham recording a demo cd so they can get some gigs. He just sent me a photo of the studio and its all professional, i'm really excited for them.

Two minor - yet significant to me - things happened this week. On Monday my landlord knocked on my room door as he was clearing out the fridge and freezer and wanted me to check what was mine, and on Tuesday I met our new housemate, a nice guy from London who is staying for 6 months. With the landlord he was at my room door and I was too disgusted to let him see in, and on Tuesday me and the new guy both walked upstairs together and I had to squeeze through a slighly open door so he couldn't see in. But why? Because my room is a mess!

It has been a mess since I moved in, because I moved from a house into one room, but its been getting worse as I realised that the things I stored under other things are the things I use most often. So this weekend I am having THE TIDY!

And as with all major tidying, things always look worse before they get better. I didn't even know where to start, so I got some underbed storage zippy bags and a few clear plastic boxes with lids. I have so far (3pm on Saturday hah!) sorted my clothes, put the old ones in the underbed bags, and made myself a whole shelf to use in my wardrobe. The other underbed box is filled with bedding and fabric (and old clothes which I will one day use to make other things from)

Looking around I can see where things will go, but I have lost motivation. My initial motivation was that Dan was going to come down tonight and I wanted it tidy before he got here, but he is staying in Birmingham now as its Mothers Day tomorrow (I got my mum 'Clean drinking water for 12 people' from Oxfam's gift site :) )

I am totally excited about this room being tidy, but I just dont know where to go next. I have too much yarn, too many books, too much crap in random boxes that I brought with me despite not using in several years!

Oh, and also, my Violet Green lace club arrived on Thursday so I am doing that too. Too many distractions maybe?

Also, as its warm today I have my patio/balcony doors open and I cannot hear my TV for someone elses music and random cars and bikes flying past :s City centre living! It sucks!

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