27 March 2009


Starting last Friday after work I tidied my room. I pulled out everything I own and sorted through it. At one point I couldn't have got out of the door if I tried, but slowly it started making its way back into place and I now have a completely spotless and organised room, and it feels fantastic. I am ready to receive guests :)

By the way, here is a flamingo....

Anyhoo. I seem to have too much yarn. This isn't such a bad thing, think of all the things I could make! I sorted one bag of stuff I don't want for Dan's mum to have a look through next time I see her and she is sorting me some cedar moth balls in return to stop anything eating my fiber stash.

I managed to sort my knitting out too, and I have one box of WIP's which is ridiculous. I am actually quite embarressed! Here is a list (off the top of my head):

Violet Green's Queen of Spades shawl. Approx 40% done.
Bakerloo socks. Approx 25% done (these have a deadline so will be the first to be finished)
Bubby Bear. Approx 70% done
Grown up baby socks - 1 down 1 to go
Plain purple sock for my mum - 1 down 1 to go
Toe up Jaywalker - 1 down 1 to go
Arisaig - around 20% done
Holey Cable sweater - about 75% done
Barn raising quilt - 2 squares complete

I dont even remember what else there is but I know there is at least 5 other things started and I just want to start more, but at the same time I just want to finish something. I am taking a huge risk with the Bakerloo socks as they are not knit like normal socks and I have no measurements for the recipient except shoe size, also the fairisle isnt lying completely flat, but I will stick with them until the first one is done, and if they fit Dan, they will fit his best friend who they are for.

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