6 April 2009



I have only just got home from Dan's, I went up this weekend for his best friends birthday which was fun. We went out for drinks on Saturday night and stayed over. Then Sunday morning we went to Ikea, and as we were at the right side of town, we went in our 'night out' stuff - Dan in a smart shirt and pants, me in my favourite jeans and instead of the expensive silk top I wore out, I wore Dan's tshirt which I had slept in. We got the wardrobe for Dan, managed to fit it in his car (which almost NEVER happens) (hey Laurie Ann, he has a Passat, which is like a 6 in shorter Jamie!) and we were starving so we went to his local for dinner, again with him over dressed and me under dressed, and it was a really fun day.

The damn wardrobe weighed SO MUCH and Dan lives on the 3rd floor, no elevators so we both pretty much died getting it upstairs, and then we both wanted to kill people from Ikea when we were putting it together, but now he has a tidy room, it looks lovely, and we survived!

The best bit is that I wont even have time to miss him this week. I will be going back on Friday morning and we are heading to my mums for a couple of days and a couple of days at his, and maybe a visit to his brother on the way.

I have to go to work in a little while and I am so tired :(

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Laurie Ann said...

Ikea furniture always weighs a ton. I'd have hired some people off the streets to help carry it.

Hooray for the VWs. Jamie was a trooper this week with all the driving I did.