24 April 2009

Wonderwool Wales

Wonderwool is this weekend :) I made a mistake and thought it was last week and me and Dan went for a nice long drive to Wales and back. It actually turned out to be a fantastic day out, we saw Leominster (irritatingly pronounced Lemster. Grr!) and Hereford where I used to go most weekends when I lived with Morven. I bought Dan dinner as a sorry for being a dumbass and he was really cool about it and he is taking me again this weekend :) Having no car sucks, but having a boyfriend who doesn't mind taking me to the occasional fibre festival (twice!) really makes up for it :)

Of course, the weather is a deciding factor, its been a nice mix of warm days with a couple of storms recently. The weather report for Sunday has changed 3 times already and if its going to be raining on the day, we aren't going to go. Driving in crappy weather is... crappy.

I am hoping that Scottish Fibres have some superwash merino with them, as I bought 900g last year and finally got around to spinning it. I dont think its going to be enough for the sweater im planning for Dan for Christmas

This is 200g and measures 264 meters. The sweater I want to make needs around 1750m so i need 7 of these, or 1400g of fiber so I will try and pick up another 500g this weekend.

In other news:

I am on the last Harry Potter audio book (read by Stephen Fry) and its very dark! I haven't actually listened for a couple of weeks.

I haven't knit for 2 weeks. Gareth's bdays socks (already a month late) are stressing me out.

I spent most of last week spinning and most of this week doing cross stitch. I got a couple of half finished kits when we went to my mums over Easter so I have finished one of them (its going to go to Dan's house I think) and I am working on the other which will be for my mum for Christmas (the plan was for her to get it for Christmas 2002!!!)

I can't get enough of Lion Man on Sky3

Laurie Ann! Your package is IN THE BOX! I am hoping for a little extra something from Wonderwool and then I will look to get it to the post office.

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Laurie Ann said...

Yippee!!! I'm excited.

Leominster must be like Leicester, the pronunciation of which annoyed me when I was over there.