26 April 2009

Wonderwool 2009 - The Haul

I came back with change!!!

I had such a great day today. Mostly because Dan has been fantastic. He followed me around taking an interest in fiber and picking colours and listening to me talking crap whilst spending a fortune. I then followed him around Mid Wales Mouthful whilst he spent up too. He got lots of cheese and cider for next weekend :) I got lots of fiber for the rest of the year.

I firstly headed to Scottish Fibres to buy another 500g of superwash merino, but they hadn't brought any because it was too easy to get it confused with normal merino, so I will buy online when I have finished spinning what I have. Instead, I bought 100g multi merino in purples and greens (Highland) and 100g in green to ply it with, then I was tempted into a merino silk mix which looked all tweedy when spun up, this was blue and purple (Winter Skies), chosen by Dan. Can you tell we like purples and turquoises?

I got about 250g black merino from Uk Alpaca who I bought loads of merino silk from last year which I need to dye!

I got 100g handpainted merino roving from Tri-Coterie who gave me a 20% discount for wearing my homemade Ravelry badge.

I got a 100g hank of bfl/nylon sock yarn from KraftyKoala, and I got it cheap because it has a couple of knots in it which doesn't bother me. I think I may use this for some birthday socks for my sister.

Finally I got 100g rainbow multi merino from Handmade Presents who I have bought from before.

I am contemplating next year. I guess it will depend on whether I have a job, and therefore any cash to spend!

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Laurie Ann said...

I just had a yarngasm. They're all so beautiful, I'm surprised you didn't try to trade Dan for more.