6 May 2009


I have sort of been busy, but not really. When it comes to work I suppose you could describe it as disinterested (I will explain in a minute), and when it comes to home, I suppose I have spent forever getting stuff ready for vising Dan or having him visit me.

I haven't spun anything from the Wonderwool haul yet, I have been too busy/tired. Last week I trained on Monday and Tuesday which was exhausting but lots of fun, then three days at work, which is still busy, but something is missing since most of my department is up for redundancy this month. I just couldn't wait to get out of there on Friday, and by 4:30 I was at the train station waiting for a long weekend with Dan. We spent most of the weekend drinking, attempting to shop for a dress for me (and failing!), and playing Simpson's Roadrage on the Gamecube :) I came home Tuesday morning and went to work in the afternoon.

I am still feeling funny about being in work, it is difficult to concentrate when we dont really know what is going on, but this week isn't too bad. I have Friday off and me and Dan are driving to north Yorkshire (where it will apparently hail on Saturday :( ) where we are going to stay until Monday. I have a course in Birmingham on Tuesday, and I will get back in time for work on Wednesday afternoon, when I have a meeting that will start my 30 day redundancy consultation period. Hopefully I will feel better after that, because I hate not knowing.

I feel really tired today, so I might leave packing until tomorrow night, tonight I just want to start a sock with my wonderwool yarn.

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