5 June 2009

I am so glad I took today off work at the last minute. I am still recovering from last weekends gig when we didnt get to bed until 3ish in the morning and stupid me doesnt seem to be able to sleep past 9 anymore! Grr! It went really well though :)

I am going to miss UK Ravelry day tomorrow because its a friends birthday today and we are going to her party tomorrow afternoon. In the morning we need to get her a gift and Dan is going to try and book a test drive in one of those new Honda Civic's as he is up for a new car next month and we both want one of those :) (Chances are we will be getting an Audi instead :( )

The yarn for Dan's birthday sweater arrived last Monday although it went to where Dan works as there is always someone to sign for it there, so I will make a start tonight when I get to his place. This gives me 9 weeks to make it! All that stockinette is going to bore the life out of me!

I made a start on a little sweater the other night and finished it the next day, its fantastic, see....

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