10 June 2009

Things to be depressed about


What the hell is going on with this 'current climate'. There seriously are about 25 jobs in Birmingham, Britains 2nd City! None of which I am qualified to do. I am thoroughly depressed about it. I have never had this much trouble finding a job before, and I have moved around a LOT. Now I am desperate to move in with Dan before Christmas, but as soon as possible really. He does a good deal on cheap rent! I am even willing to take upto a £2k paycut but there is just nothing out there :( And I feel way too old to try for a new career, it will take too long to train up in something else, and I don't even know what career I would choose anyway.

In the meantime I have to re-apply for my own job. I have to have the application in by Friday and the interview is on Monday. I'm not too worried about this, I know that if I dont get my own job I will get another that is very similar, I am thankful for this but its in the wrong city and its really getting me down :(

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