14 June 2009

A little less down.

I am returning on a slightly cheerier note. Considering the only people contact I have had this weekend has been with another housemate and my landlord, I am feeling fairly chipper.

I have spent this weekend being crafty since I don't usually get many weekends to myself, and I never feel like doing anything on school nights. So here are some things to be chipper about.

I have started another knitting project. There has been a problem with the yarn for Dan's bday sweater so I have started a Star Illusion Blanket because its so damn cool. I have chosen a few different colours, this is just one of the stripes. Its going pretty quick and its not too difficult to follow.

Here it looks like monotonous boring knitting
Here it is looking really cool :)

I also made a new duct tape wallet today. I got blue duct tape a few months ago. I made a silver wallet for Dan as a Christmas present last year and he is still using it. Its lasting ok but there were a couple of changes I wanted to make and so here is the one I made today. (I'm hoping you can see this as I have the photo set to private on flickr so Dan doesn't see)

Please note my numerous credit cards and lack of real cash... I'm working on it!

Dan is getting a new car in July. He has to decide what he wants so it can be ordered by the 15th. Its a company car but we still want something cool, and since I will be driving it too, I want something easy to park! The options we have chosen are:

Honda Civic in this lovely blue, this is my first choice. I know these are ten to the dozen now but I still think they are the most interesting thing to happen to car design in quite a few years.


This Volkswagon Scirocco in Viper Green. The amp will fit in the boot and the guitars on the back seat, but passengers might be a problem...

I hope he gets the Civic, it should arrive just in time to drive to my cousin's wedding in July and then we were planning on a couple of days by the sea whilst we were up that way. I love having stuff to look forward to. The new yarn should be here in 2 weeks and I can finally start this birthday sweater. I love knitting for appreciative people too!

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Laurie Ann said...

Go for the Civic. I didn't know they still made Scirocco's and that green is fabulous, but the Civic is sweet!

Also, I'm in awe of your awesome illusion knitting skills.