24 June 2009

Hey y'all

Ok, firstly a random - there is a guy that shares the carpark where I live and he covers his car in a giant black garbage bag. At first it was for a couple of days over a weekend and I thought he was putting some new wax treatment or something on there. But he put in on there last night, and he just finished putting it on again now. Very weird! It might just be to avoid the seagull crap which is a massive problem around here.

I applied for what I think is an amazing job. Its a very long shot as its a complete career change with re-training and a lot of outdoorsy work. If I get it I will be trained up as an environmental conservationalist which sounds ace. If I dont get it I will cry, but then I might look at getting into that line of work anyway because it sounds very cool.

In attempt to get this job, I decided to pick up the RHS Level 2 in Horticulture that I signed up for 11 months ago. I am still really interested in the subject, I just forgot about it when I moved house. So I went to start this evening and I can't find any of the registration documents, or the papers I need to submit projects. I have just searched my entire room and it seems I will have to call them tomorrow and probably have to pay to have copies sent. Dammit.

Last night I watched movies. I don't do this on my own very often, and when I do I watch them on the laptop, usually whilst doing other stuff and not really paying attention. Last night on Film4 was First Wives Club, which I didn't love, but I watched most of it whilst sitting on the sofa. Then straight after that was Mr & Mrs Smith, which I really liked. Good stuff! My lovefilm came today and I got 'My Kid Could Paint That' which is more of a documentary. I might watch this tonight since I can't do what I wanted, but I am also tempted to knit a bit, or spin, or do some coursework anyway, or watch crap on TV, or just have a bath and an early night.

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