16 July 2009

Let me tell you some things.

In no specific order of course, although I feel I should start by telling you all that my little Pea finally gave up on Monday after a long battle with a recurring poorly neck and just general old age. She was three years and one month old and I will miss her :(

On a slightly cheerier note, I have a job interview next Wednesday in Birmingham. Very scary, but fingers crossed.

It means I get a long weekend as my cousin gets married on Saturday so I am heading back home tomorrow night and then spending some time relaxing and maybe going somewhere nice if it ever stops raining.

I have been spinning a little, because I am obsessed with shawl knitting and I had a lot of fiber and not enough lace weight yarn, so I am having a go at spinning a laceweight yarn. I might ply it with sewing thread if i find a nice one.

The reason I have no pics of the spinning or shawls, is that Dan has my camera. He got his new car yesterday and he needed to take pictures of the old car before and after Chips'-Away had their way with it.

I am strangely loving my job at the moment. The restructure is kicking in and I am busier than ever preparing files I dont understand for audit in 3 weeks time.

I am having severe housemate trouble which is making my homelife quite stressful, but the annoying culprits should be moved out this weekend, or next at the latest so I only have to put up with them for 3 more days max.

I have to go pack - for wedding, job interview, a day working with dan, and several days out walking in the rain.

Have a good weekend y'all

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