25 July 2009


I didnt get the job :( In good news, their feedback was very positive and it was a close one. This still sucks but at least I am not completely rubbish. My cousin looked amazing when she got married last Saturday. The cake was also fabulous. We had a good day and spent a couple of days at my mums house. I went to Wingham Wool again and was really tempted to take a picture of their fiber sheds. I bought a few bits including a new drop spindle which I have left at Dan's so I can spin at his too. I did get a cashmere sample pack which is very soft but I need to ply it, probably with the mohair sample I got too. Dan's gig was cancelled on Thursday after the guitar/keyboard player hurt his hand at work which has swollen and the singer isn't feeling too good either with an inner ear infection which is affecting her balance. Hopefully the venue won't hold it against them and will have more gigs in the future. I have started Avast. There was a huge delay on this yarn, I ordered it in May but first they sent me only one pack and didnt have a second pack in the same dyelot, and then they had to order more from the supplier who were rebranding so it finally arrived on Wednesday. Dan's birthday is August 12th so its not going to be finished in time. I have made a start to the cable band and I think it will make more sense to give it to him for Christmas instead. I finished my Swallowtail shawl and I love it, I think it will be a Christmas gift too and hopefully I will have time to make a few more as they knit up really quick and I think they will make good presents.

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Laurie Ann said...

Is the couple on top of the cake about to get it on? In fondant? Nice!