9 August 2009

Wrist Wrest

So the good, if not slightly astonishing news, is that I have almost finished Dan's sweater.

The not so good news, well there are 2 things. It is too big. I saw this happening a while ago but carried on regardless and so its turned out too big, so I told him about it, he was suitable impressed with my progress, and I got him to try it on. I can just about get away with it by shortening the sleeves and instead of the full front band I think I will do applied i-cord and then run it through the washer to see if it shrinks a bit.

The other bad news is that my wrists are real agony so I only knit maybe 600 stitches yesterday and I have had a day off today and I will have a go at the bottom band tomorrow. I won't bother with a zip yet, although I will have a look at the markets in Birmingham for one on Wednesday.

I am really looking forward to his birthday (he is not, as seems to happen when you have already rached 30). He is going to take a half day on Wednesday and we are going to go out for dinner and do the pub quiz, then I am going to work with him for 2 days to decide whether I want to do it for good :)

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