30 September 2009

Hopefully getting somewhere

I went to my doctor again today and saw a different one. He thinks I might have asthma so has prescribed an inhaler to see how I get on. It makes sense really, I hope thats what it is so I can at least start to manage it properly.

I am hoping to get back to work tomorrow for my last 2 days.

Anyhoo here is the finished Laminaria. I have to say it looks better after blocking but I think the colour is a bit flat. I used Rowanspun 4 ply because I had it to hand. It does have tweedy bits in it but its not really my kinda colour.

On the theme of shawls, here is the last pic I took of Percy. I have done about 8 more rows on it but it hasn't really had much of a look in this week. Its super soft and the colours are lovely

This has been getting more of a look in lately. Its an Anastasia sock and I started it in May but for some reason it has been sitting around lacking attention since then. This one is almost done, fingers crossed I will finish it off tonight.

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