29 September 2009

A very unproductive day

I have done nothing today except make porridge and toast and wash the dishes I used to make said porridge and toast. I feel exhausted and I don't think I will go to work tomorrow either. I do have a dentist appointment which I really have to go to though so maybe I will book a Dr's appointment too as its on the way, and will give me a better excuse if I am seen walking past work.

I hate that I have to have an excuse - I do feel guilty for taking time off work but I am not unwell often and I wish I didn't feel like I have to prove that I am unwell enough to not go in. I might take a couple more days off, however long it takes for me to be able to walk downstairs to my kitchen without coughing and having trouble breathing. I have to start my new job on Monday and I would really like to be well in time for that.

My landlord came around with a potential replacement for my room so I had to get showered and dressed earlier, otherwise I doubt I would have got up at all today.

I do feel like I should do something productive today though, so I will pick out something simple from the knitting pile to keep my hands busy whilst I watch TV for the rest of the day. Thats as soon as I can be bothered to stand up again. I have a lot of WIPs. I might darn Dan's sock and make a square for my barn raising quilt (If I havent packed the book with the pattern :s)

I appear to be rambling...

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